Stay Safe by Monitoring Dashboard Warning Lights

Most of us have noticed a dashboard warning light appear on our dashboard at some point as we drive around Bristol and been concerned about what the cause may be. We at Crowley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram believe every dashboard warning indicator should be assessed as quickly as possible to make sure a small issue does not grow over time.

We have been providing our skills to our customers in assessing the issues identified following a dashboard warning light illuminating, including those providing information on malfunctioning parts including the security alert system and airbag warnings. Diesel engines have their own specific warning lights which should be understood to avoid causing problems with an engine including the glow plug indicator which means the engine should not be started until this light has gone out.

Whether warning us of required maintenance or a malfunction in the engine, dashboard warning indicators should always mean an appointment being made with our team of friendly vehicle maintenance technicians.

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