Remember when you were a kid and the movies, television shows and cartoons about the future? One theme that seemed to be in all of those was the convenience of being able to say it and then have it happen. You could say you want a sandwich and the sandwich was there. Want to hear music? Just ask and music will play. Want the lights on? Just say it. Well, you may not be able yet to have a sandwich appear but the future is listening as voice-enabled technology is making a lot of our daily tasks as easy as asking.

In November, the 2018 Jeep Cherokee Latitude will begin arrive at dealerships, equipped with the all-new Tech Connect Package that works with Amazon's Alexa to enable voice commands. Now all you must do is ask Alexa to tell Uconnect to start or stop your car, lock or unlock your door, or ask the status of various other mechanical details and Alexa will give you all the details.

Crowley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Bristol, CT can give you all the information about the new technology and features of the Jeep Cherokee. If you don't believe, try asking Alexa.

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