Learn More About Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotations are important because car tires wear unevenly. If tires are not rotated, some tires may have to be replaced sooner than necessary. Tires that are routinely rotated tend to last much longer than those that have not been rotated. Also, when tires wear unevenly, it could cause car passengers to experience a rougher ride due to the vibrations from the uneven tires interacting with the road. When a vehicle experiences excessive vibrations, it could also have an effect on the vehicle's suspension and steering systems.

The front tires on a vehicle may experience more wear and tear than a vehicle's rear tires because front tires experience additional wear and tear from the turning that happens when the vehicle is being steered. When tires are rotated, and when they wear evenly, car owners could then replace tires all together, rather than replacing tires individually.

Regular tire rotation could be a very beneficial kind of vehicle maintenance. Visit our dealership in Bristol, CT soon to learn more about tire rotation and the other automotive services we offer at our service center!

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