Why Does the Tire Pressure Monitor Light Come On When It Is Hot Outside?

Your tire pressure monitoring system alerts you to both low and high air pressures in your tires. High air pressure in tires causes damage to the crown of the tire. Physics dictates that heat expands air increasing the pressure in any closed system. That principle applies to the air inside your tires just like it does to air anywhere else.

If your pressure light only comes on during hot weather, then your tires are overinflating due to the temperature. Check your air pressure with an air gauge. To alleviate too much air pressure, simply let some air out of the tire. However, once you have released air from your tire, you should check the pressure again when the temperature cools.

If heat is an issue, take your car to Crowley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Bristol to find the perfect pressure level for your temperature conditions.

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