Save Money At The Gas Pump With The New Dodge Grand Caravan

Many car buyers believe that fuel-efficient vehicles cost more money. The Dodge Grand Caravan, a popular family minivan, is proving once and for all that buying a fuel-efficient vehicle doesn't have to cost a fortune.

The Dodge Grand Caravan comes equipped with a fuel economizer that optimizes fuel economy by automatically adjusting the transmission and engine timing. You won't find this feature on any other minivan under $26,000. Simply push the ECON button and start saving.

Automotive engineers know that a vehicle's tires can drastically affect fuel economy. That's why the Dodge Grand Caravan features 17-inch tires that are designed to roll with less resistance. These all-weather tires are more efficient since they don't require as much energy to spin. It is safe to say that the Dodge Grand Caravan was designed with safety, price and fuel economy in mind.



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