The Fuel Efficiency of the Dodge Grand Caravan

Minivan owners choose the Dodge Grand Caravan for the vehicle's spacious interiors and amenities. However, the vehicle has features that make it more fuel-efficient. We have the latest models on display for your viewing pleasure. Stop by your local Crowley Chry-Jeep-Dodge Inc and explore the options. Take everyone for a test drive.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is specially equipped with fuel-efficient technology known as the economizer. When engaged, the system modifies the engine timing and transmission shifting to use less fuel. Simply push the ECON button and be on your way. The minivan also comes equipped with unique, low-resistance, all-season tires that travel more easily down the road so the Dodge Grand Caravan requires less fuel.

The vehicle comes standard with a six-cylinder, 3.6-liter engine that delivers up to 283 horsepower. Yet, the valve timing and exhaust system enable the van to get a highway fuel rating of 25 miles per gallon.


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