Travel on Long Highways Safely and Conveniently in a Chrysler Pacifica

Safety and convenience make road trips easier for a typical driver. If you want to cruise along interstates and highways without worrying about other cars in your blind spot, the Pacifica has a solution. For convenience, you can use the Pacifica's cruise control system, which operates the engine at a practical speed.

Blind spots can cause collisions if a driver doesn't view them before changing lanes. Chrysler's Blind Spot Monitoring System is highly beneficial because it alerts when a car enters vulnerable areas. The alerts happen after sensors are triggered, and the cues are displayed on the mirror. As this system boosts safety, another tool provides convenience, and it's called Adaptive Cruise Control. Whenever you want to cruise within a safe distance behind other cars, you can activate this system.

Because Chrysler's safety systems have advanced functions, the best way to check them out is by taking a test drive. In Bristol, Chrysler Pacifica test drive opportunities are available at Crowley Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.



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