Individuals who appreciate roomy, versatile, and powerful passenger or cargo vans will certainly appreciate the many benefits that the 2019 Ram ProMaster City brings to the table. Not only does this vehicle offer operators the opportunity to have their vehicles outfitted to their specifications and needs, but it also has many built-in design features that give advantages in real-world situations. Among these features are proprietary bi-link suspensions and healthy towing capacities.

The 2019 Ram ProMaster suspension system combines solid bi-link rear coil foundations with sophisticated electronic stability control. The unique bi-link suspension provides the comfort needed for passenger trips while also providing the strength and ability to perform many work-related tasks. In addition to that, the proprietary Ram ProMaster electronic stability control system can help drivers to correct under or oversteer situations and improve handling.

The suspension features and the powerful Tigershark Motors allow the ProMaster to tow up to 2,000-lbs at a time. Plus, this hardy vehicle can also haul a maximum internal payload of 1,883-lbs. Together, these numbers add up to healthy workdays



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