The all-new Ram 3500 is an outstanding pickup truck that offers fantastic payload, entertainment, and towing features. When it comes to high tech features, the Ram 3500 does not disappoint. Pricing for the Ram 3500 is reasonable, which attracts many buyers to the Ram.

The Ram 3500 can tow up to 35,000 pounds of materials. When it comes to payload capacities, the Ram 3500 has a payload capacity of 8,000 pounds. When it comes to technology, the Ram 3500 is the most tech savvy of them all. The Ram 3500 offers drivers smart towing packages and smart payload assistance features as well.

Entertainment is also a large component for the Ram 3500. The Ram 3500 comes standard with a 12- inch infotainment system. This system can be used for entertaining with the radio, MP3 player, or DVD system. This system can also be used for navigation and other safety features.



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