Ram 2500 is a highly competitive heavy-duty pickup with enough excellent capability features to dominate its truck category. We at Crowley Chry-Jeep-Dodge Inc fully understand why this pickup is so popular. We selected two of its numerous standout capability features to illustrate our point.

Enhanced Off-Road Capability

On upper trims, Ram 2500 has an exclusive electronic front sway bar. The bar disconnects electronically as needed, increasing axle articulation to enhance off-road capability. Greater axle articulation means the axle moves up and down more flexibly in relation to the chassis, keeping Ram 2500's wheels on the ground at all times, even in the roughest terrain.

Even Torque For All Wheels

Like all vehicles, Ram 2500 has a differential, a device that splits rear and front engine torque to allow different spinning speeds for each output. Ram 2500 offers an electronically locking front and rear differential, ensuring that all wheels receive equal torque for more aggressive, confident handling during off-road duties and adventures. Come join us at our Bristol dealership for a Ram 2500 test drive. It's the best way to see everything that this pickup has to offer.


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